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About Kathy

I am an artist who,

while teaching, learns....

who integrates an inner journey

into a visual world.....

who keeps a beginner’s mind

while exploring broadly

with a mantra that says

“paint ‘til it sings”.


I work with a variety of mediums and diverse subjects/styles. My originals, prints and cards are for sale or as I say,“wanting a home”. I am  happy to work with you on a commissioned piece.

Alcohol Inks.JPG

   Alcohol Inks

IMG_3386 Stiffney Acrylic 20x20 $195.jpg
Sunshine in a Vase.jpeg


20x20 Acrylic


Sunshine in a Vase

Beauty in a Line.  12x36 Acrylic  $225.j

         Beauty in a Line.  

           12x36 Acrylic  


Nested  11x14 plus frame.  Watermedia on

Nested  plus frame.

11x14 Watermedia on Yupo  


Tea for Two.   24x30 Acrylic   $250.jpg

   Tea for Two.  

    24x30 Acrylic  


Flower Flow. 11x14 plus frame. Watercolo

 Flower Flow. plus frame   11x14 Watercolor on Yupo  $185

Comfortable with You. 11x14 plus frame.

Comfortable with You.

plus frame 11x14 Collage.  


Prim Pet   Matted 13x16 Ink.    $60.jpg

   Prim Pet  

    Matted 13x16 Ink.    


Horse Play   20x20 Acrylic  $200.jpg

   Horse Play  

   20x20 Acrylic  


Peacock- Print 16x22.     $180.jpg


  16x22 Print   


kathy st.jpeg
Horse Stiffney.jpg
kathy s..jpg
unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg

Accepting commissions for pet portraits

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