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About Us:

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The Goshen Painters' Guild is an active group of artists working in representational to abstract styles of painting as well as most media: watercolor, acrylics, oils, collage and mixed media.


A variety of workshops and classes are offered each year from beginner to advanced skills. Members receive a 20% discount on Workshop and Class Tuition.  One major three-day workshop is offered each year.   


Guild members who are able to gather at the Guild's studio space on Thursday mornings to paint together, enjoy each others company, and provide each other tips and artist advice. Members have also organized Plein Air Painting Outings and Life Drawing Sessions as well.

The Painter's Guild also offers opportunities to show your artwork through shows, competitions, and other events.

Interested in Joining The Goshen Painter's Guild?


Membership in the Guild offers many benefits:

  • studio space with great light, a place for your supplies, available 24/7 - in downtown Goshen

  • formal instruction at reduced prices on all classes and workshops

  • opportunity for further development for everyone: beginners to professionals

  • camaraderie and conversation with artists about art and being an artist

  • exhibit and sales opportunities through member shows 

  • plein air painting, life drawing, informal painting sessions with members and much more! 

Download Membership 

Application Here:

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