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 Linda Strouse Wilson 

Art and supporting fellow artists is my passion. In the 70’s when I was in college 

it was art that I purchased if I had a few dollars. A piece of art I purchased then 

for $100 ( $723 in 2019 dollars) still holds a prominent place in my home. The 

love of art and embracing the creative spirit of others is a daily experience for 


My husband and family of three sons, two daughter in law’s plus six 

grandgurlies and one grandguy are both my loves and my inspiration. I adore to 

seeing them experience the world and I pray they find powerful ways to express 


My education in the arts includes Art 101 for Elementary Education majors at 

Ball State University. I didn’t learn much there. I really only remember us using 

a 2 foot long brush and standing above a sheet of paper and we were supposed to 

create something. I still have the brush. That creation vanished that same day. 

Since that time I have taken many many classes in lots of mediums. I have 

learned a little something in each class. My main take away from each class is 

how much more I have to learn. 

Embracing your individuality is a passion of mine. I would love everyone I 

come in contact with to decorate their home and themselves with what appeals to 

them and makes them joyful. Cookie cutter mass produced items are like the 

plague to me. Be confident and proud of what speaks to you. No explanation or 

apology necessary. 

I will continue to take classes and learn more about lots of art mediums and at 

the same time express myself as well as share myself with those that receive my 


You can find me at Grandma Sparkle’s on Facebook or at 


Alcohol Ink - Framed-
5" by 13"  - $50.00 


Meet Lois

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