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Kimber’s style is delightfully spontaneous, colorful, and simple, letting the image that wants to emerge come forth of its own volition. She often puts down paint in experimental ways and develops what she sees, moving forward boldly without letting her inner critic make her fearful to continue with her initial artistic instincts. At other times she puts her pen to paper first, doodling what emerges of its own will, then filling with color later.

As a nature and animal lover, Kimber’s art is often filled with botanicals and critters of all kinds, real or imagined. Her work is a celebration of life with vivid and unexpected colors. She likes to create pieces that bring joy to your heart or intrigue you with a bit mystery.

Kimber especially loves dogs. Her dog Joy, a rescued Italian Greyhound who has passed, continues to be her artistic muse. She continues to paint Joy in new styles and colors. Kimber is starting to do colorful commissions of pets, with the intention to express their beautiful spirit. If interested in having a commission done of your pet, email her at

Kimber Beachy    Joy.jpg


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