Welcome to the Goshen Painters' Guild!

Welcome to the Goshen Painters' Guild! We are artists doing drawing, watercolor, acrylics, pastels, oils and mixed media. We offer each other lots of encouragement and friendly critiques as well as suggestions for improvement. Together as a Guild we enjoy several workshops and classes each year; we also host art shows, competitions, and other opportunities to show your artwork.  The Goshen Painters' Guild Studio is located next to the Goshen Farmer's Market on the second floor above Sweet Water Interiors.  


Memories of the David Becker Workshop  

David Becker Demo

David Becker critiquing some of our work.

The flowers were done on Yupo - Most of these are still works in progress.

These 4 images are progress shots of David Becker’s demo of a landscape done on canvas with acrylic

Denise Potter’s completed painting on the new black watercolor paper.

Denise Potter

Notice the variety in the background of Connie Strait’s painting.

Rosie Pickrell works on a soaked paper background in David Becker’s 3 day workshop.

Painter Kathy Stiffney is doing a fabulous job in her work in David Becker’s class.

Painter Suzan Wilkinson shares her beautiful smile as she enjoys class time with us.

Four Paintings by Linda Wilson, Becker Class

Painters' Guild Members In Their Home Studios

Kathy Stiffney 

Kimber Beachy

Maryjo Warstler

Denise Potter 

Linda Wilson

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