Welcome to the Goshen Painters' Guild!

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Welcome to the Goshen Painters' Guild! We are artists doing drawing, watercolor, acrylics, pastels, oils and mixed media. We offer each other lots of encouragement and friendly critiques as well as suggestions for improvement. Together as a Guild we enjoy several workshops and classes each year; we also host art shows, competitions, and other opportunities to show your artwork.  The Goshen Painters' Guild Studio is located next to the Goshen Farmer's Market on the second floor above Sweet Water Interiors.  


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Thursday “Night Shift” painters  Cheryll and Phyllis help Kimber name some of her paintings.  This was impromptu and lots of fun! 


Kimber Beachy goes through her massive amount of paintings to get ready for Art Beat in South Bend. 


We welcomed Karen Knutson to our guild August 12, 13, 14, 2021.  She is a wonderful teacher and we were lucky to have her! 

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Here Karen demonstrates her “wire drawing” techniques. 

Here Karen demonstrates her “wire drawing” techniques. 

Guild members Linda Wilson and Brenda Eby work on their wire drawings.


Members Brenda Eby and Julie Barth enjoying class time.

Here member Maryjo Warstler and participant Karmin Wieland share ideas.

Member Rosie Pickrel took a moment to smile for me ( Denise Potter) taking her picture.


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Painters' Guild Members In Their Home Studios

Kathy Stiffney 

Maryjo Warstler

Kimber Beachy

Denise Potter 

Linda Wilson

Rose Pickrell