Paintings by valued guild member, Kenny,
who passed away February 1, 2019

 I was born and raised in Portland Oregon , I lived there until I was 27 and moved to Virginia, live there for 2 years and move to Indiana Fort Wayne, I have belong to the Fort Wayne artist Guild for about 2 years where I was in art shows, then I moved up north to LaGrange County, my artist life began at a very early age in life I have always done art my entire life, a person told me I should started painting and so I did , that's where it all began, started painting when I was about 25, I started out in oil paints and did traditionalist type paintings realistic paintings of practically everything, then back about 5 or 6 years back I started doing watercolor and did Bird Paintings many Bird Paintings, now I do mostly acrylic paintings, I have tried to create my own style by creating my own backgrounds and adding realistic subject matters on top, now and then I will do a watercolor, but mostly I do acrylics now , I do not know what more to add to what I already have here, other than to say art is a wonderful thing , it has made me the person to who I am today and made me strong in many ways, I have found a home at the Goshen painters Guild,

I go by the name of Kenny.

Kenny Humphries 8.png

Acrylic 16 by 20  

White Hot,


Kenny Humphries 6.png
Kenny Humphries 9.png


Acrylic 21by27 inches Himalayan monal $4

Acrylic 21 by 27     

Himalayan monal,   


Kenny Humphries 7.png

Acrylic  The Schooner,


Kenny Humphries 4.jpg


Acrylic  $65.jpg



Kenny Humphries 5.png


Golden Crowned Crane ,


Kenny Humphries 3.jpg

Acrylic 16 by 20  


Acrylic 16 by 20  $75.jpg

Acrylic 16 by 20  


Acrylic 16 by 20   $80.jpg

Acrylic 16 by 20  


acrylic size 22 by 28 inches title sunse

Acrylic 22 by 28 



Kenny Humphries 2.jpg
Acrylic 16 x 20  Tangerine explosion, $7

 Acrylic 16 x 20  

Tangerine  Explosion,        


20 by 24 inches, acrylic $170.jpg

Acrylic 20 by 24


Acrylic 21 by 27   $200.jpg

Acrylic 21 by 27  


Highly textured mixed medium acrylic 18

Highly Textured Mixed Medium Acrylic 18 X 24   $150

12 by 15 inches highly textured acrylic

 Highly Textured Acrylic 12 by 15    Kenny's flower


24 by 36  Highly Textured Acrylic Mixed

 Highly Textured Acrylic Mixed Medium 24 by 36    Stained Glass Confusion, $300

Acrylic 18 X 24  $150.jpg

Acrylic 18 X 24  


Kenny's Bluegill.jpg

Kenny's Bluegill

The Horse Acrylic $375.jpg


The Horse